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Mike Peck

Evonik Corporation
Senior Manager Applied Research & Technology: Wood Coatings / Floor Coatings - Americas
Short Course
Surfactants, Defoamers and Dispersants in Waterborne Coatings  
This lecture discussion the use of surfactants and defoamers in waterborne coatings. The objective is to provide an understanding of the factors that influence surfactant and defoamer selection and performance in coatings. The course starts with a basic introduction to surface chemistry. It continues with a discussion of what surfactants and defoamers are and how they work. The focus is on explaining ways to select surfactants and defoamers to avoid defects and obtain optimal coating performance.

K. Michael (Mike) Peck is part of the Americas technical team in the Coating Additives business line of Evonik. He received a B.A. degree in Chemistry from Dartmouth College and an M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University.  During the recent years he has focused on surface active chemistries and their interactions within complex coating formulations, while previously contributing in product research and process development roles over 25 years supporting additive chemistries for the coatings industry.

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