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keim additec surface GmbH - Founded in 1988 produces water based    ULTRALUBE® wax additives surface modification of aqueous formulations as ink, OPVs, lacquer, wood stain, adhesive and polishes.

SILCONA GmbH & Co. KG - produces non-wax based highly efficient SILCO additives as SILCO SPERSE dispersants, SILCO WET for wetting , SILCO FLW for flow/leveling, SILCO GLIDE for slip, SILCO PHOBE for hydrophobing and SILCO AF defoamers.

EUROCERAS - produces a unique range of synthetic CERALENE® polyester waxes, which show comparable properties to montan wax for different applications. Our wax portfolio is broadened by oxidized and functionalized PE-waxes.

CERONAS GmbH & Co. KG—Brand name mju:wax® CERONAS produces innovative micronized waxes for ink, lacquer, paint/coating, for solvent borne as well as aqueous and powder coating - with a high degree of renewable origin. For plastics, CERONAS offers functionalized VISCOCER® waxes and unique/reactive ADDIMER® waxes.

David Grabacki – President, Dave.grabacki@keim-additec.com
Dr. Saif Ansari – Technical Director, Saif.ansari@keim-additec.com
Keith Condon – National Sales Director, Keith.condon@keim-additec.com
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