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Booth Description:
Specialty Ketones and Polycarbonate Polyols [Ravecarb]: high performance polyurethanes [CASE].
PO3G, Polypropane Polyols [Velvetol®] from renewable 1,3 Propanediol: Elastomers, Coatings, Adhesives, Additives, Inks MWT 250 to 2700 Vinyl phosphonic acid as an adhesion promoter, flame retardant, scale and corrosion inhibitor, metal complexation, dispersing agent, fuel cells, simplification of coatings formulations.

Boronic acids, Oxy-acids, Chloronicotinic acid, Metallocene, air sensitive compounds, ligands and donors. Organophosphorus and Organosilyl surface modifiers; lab to commercial
Leading PR&D Technology Solutions from Syncom [www.syncom.nl] Strategic sourcing and technical support via globally‐based branch and partner offices (China, India, Switzerland, USA). Contract manufacturing assets.

Website: www.austinchemical.com

Booth Attendees:
Samuel Ponticelli, CEO 847-520-9600 ext 116
Maurice Baillargeon, Director Business Development. 847-520-9600 ext 115
Ethan Li, Sourcing and Procurement Sales Associate, 847-520-9600 ext 117
Dr. Peter Talbiersky, Manager Fine Chemical Sales, AMRI Global, 49-162-730-1542


Tuesday, February 26

4:00pm CST

Wednesday, February 27

9:00am CST

1:00pm CST

Thursday, February 28

9:00am CST

1:00pm CST


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