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Booth Title: ACT Test Panels and Testing Services 

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ACT is recognized worldwide as a leader in the manufacture of standardized test panels. ACT offers the widest variety of substrates with coating options including zinc and iron phosphates, thin film pretreatments, electrocoats, liquid paints and powder paints.
ACT also operates an ISO17025 accredited material test laboratory which
specializes in paint performance and coating system evaluations. Our ability to apply a wide variety of coatings has uniquely positioned us to provide compatibility testing, material qualification, and approval services.
Whether you require simple spray out panels or custom fabricated panels,
ACT has your test panel and testing service needs covered.
Website: www.acttestpanels.com
Booth Attendees: 
Brad Kimpell, Vice President
Todd Wanty, Sales Representative
Abigail Shafer, Marketing

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