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David Fasano

Retired Dow Chemical
Application Scientist 
Latex Polymers and Waterborne Architectural Coatings
Latex types, properties, applications, factors governing choice of latexes for different applications, formulation guidelines, additives used with latexes
Methods to reduce dependence on TiO2 while maintaining or improving performance properties
The architectural coatings market continues to develop higher performing paints to meet customer demands amid the pressure of rising costs. Making the most of each raw material is crucial to obtaining favorable results and making the most of TiO2 may be the most critical. The issues with maximizing the efficiency of TiO2 are discussed as are several hiding technologies which reduce TiO2. Features of these technologies, such as their effect on hiding, density, dry film performance and sustainability are discussed. Emphasis is placed on technologies which maintain or improve paint performance giving the formulator the best opportunity to meet technical and business requirements.

As Application Scientist for The Dow Chemical Company, Dr. David Fasano is responsible for technical support of the company’s Architectural Coatings business. Dr. Fasano’s areas of interest include opacity, light scattering, pigmentation, rheology, dispersion and film formation across the paint, coatings, building, construction, paper and personal care industries. Dr. Fasano began his Dow career at the Rohm and Haas Company in 1982 after earning a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Nebraska.

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