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Additive Technology – Principles and Formulation
Defoaming and deaeration, surface control, substrate wetting, adhesion, pigment wetting and stabilization, rheology control, moisture scavengers, catalysts and carboxylates, specialty additives, optimization of additives, coatings defects
Christopher Howard
Senior Technical Account Manager
Coatings and Printing Inks encounter an array of difficulties that cannot be overcome by the resin system alone.  Additive technology employs the ability to overcome surface defects, substrate wetting and adhesion, pigment agglomeration and flocculation, improved color strength and compatibility, flow and leveling, slip and scratch resistance, moisture scavenging, dry and cure parameters, rheology stabilization, as well as foam control issues.  This presentation will cover the use of various additive technologies as a benefit for overcoming these issues as well as provide “real world” scenarios.

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